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   The Face(s) Behind 9300 REALTY

Steven Croman and his wife, Harriet (Kahan) Croman epitomize the “ Worst “ kind of predatory landlords in the history of New York City housing. Steve Croman is the poster boy for a ‘core group’ of outlaw landlords that have penetrated New York City. The tactics they use to harass tenants have set the template for a slew of other predatory landlords who follow their footsteps.

According to the Village Voice article of May 16, 2000, “There Goes the Neighborhood” the late Julia Lobbia said:

Croman's foray into real estate came just two months after his 24th birthday. In November 1990, he incorporated Croman Real Estate, specializing in downtown apartment sales and rentals. In 1992, he bought a tenement at 221 Mott. By the end of the decade, Croman, now 33, had purchased nearly 20 properties. And while the Croman Real Estate website bids visitors "Welcome to Croman's New York," for many Croman tenants, the last thing they feel in their homes is welcome. “

When the Voice last visited Steve Croman, the thirty something landlord was busy haranguing longtime Little Italy tenants out of their apartments and replacing them with high-paying, quick-turnover renters. Croman's tactics, including badgering phone calls, endless lawsuits, and leaning on already hard-pressed tenants, like a Chinese immigrant who had earned her rent deposit by collecting cans, won him a spot on the Voice's 1998 " 10 Worst Landlords. "

Twenty five years after Croman purchased his first property in NYC , the Cromans and their entity, 9300 Realty, have infiltrated literally every neighborhood in New York City. They continue to voraciously devour properties and are one of the key players responsible for disappearance of affordable apartments in New York.

However today, if you rent from 9300 Realty, you probably don’t know who your real landlord is. As the
Cromans continue to expand their vast portfolio of an estimated 185 + properties, the Cromans have become
less and less visible. They hide behind a complicated maze of LLC’s which shield their true identities as the
real owners of these properties

Therefore, we invite you to meet your “real” landlord(s), Steve and Harriet Croman, because they are in fact the face(s) behind 9300 Realty.






Edward L. Croman

President of Croman Development Corp., West Orange, N.J.

Croman Family Associates

17 & Summit Associates, L.p.

Spencer Pasadena property, Inc.

Valley Mall Condominium Association, Inc.

Edward L. Croman Foundation

President Ohr Torah 2006-2012

Oheb Shalom Congreation


Steven B. Croman

Croman Real Estate

9300 Realty

Croman Family Associates

(a.k.a. CROWMAN, STEVEN) Steve Crowman, Steve Croman

From South Orange New Jersey

Attended New York University


Harriet F. Croman

Croman Real Estate

9300 Realty

Croman Family Associates

(a.k.a. Harriet F. Kahan), Harriet Kahan Croman,

From Brooklyn, New York

Attended St. Ann’s High School, Brooklyn, NY (1978-1982)

Boston College, Class of 1984

Formerly employed at Walker Malloy



Steve and Harriet Croman and sons

Jake Benjamin, Adam Joshua and Ryan


Jake B. Croman

Associate at Croman Real Estate

The Eric Trump Foundation, Executive Committee Member

The Eddie Croman Fund

The Eddie Croman Foundation

Frankie's Friends

Columbia prep School


Attending University of Michigan

Upsilon Chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity


The Croman Residences:

Steve and Harriet Croman
12-14 East 72nd Street
New York, N.Y. 10021

Steve and Harriet Croman
3 Fairfield pond Lane,
Sagaponack, N.Y. 11962

Steve and Harriet Croman
15 & 15 a Honey Hollow Road
pound Ridge, N.Y. 10576