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Know Your Rights - Fight Back


Current Digital Resources
Basic Slumlord Research

How to Fight a Housing Court Case by Steven De Castro

Tenant Survival Tips by Steven De Castro

Tenant Resource Links

Attorney General New York State
Contact Info: 212-416-8000
Website: www.ag.ny.gov

Resources and Links
Housing Court Answers
Website: http://housingcourtanswers.org/resources-links/

Met Council on Housing
Contact Info: 212-979-0611
Website: www.metcouncilonhousing.org

GOLES -- Good Old Lower East Side
Contact Info: 212-533-2541
Website: www.goles.org

HCC -- Housing Conservation Coordinators
Contact Info: 212-541-5996
Website: www.hcc-nyc.org

LHNH -- Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Contact Info: 212-744-5022
Website: www.lenoxhill.org

Project Home - University Settlement
Contact Info: 212-674-9120
Website: www.universitysettlement.org/what/project-home.html

CHG -- Chelsea Housing Group
Contact Info: 212-924-6710
Website: www.hudsonguild.org

CSC -- Cooper Square Committee
Contact Info: 212-228-8210
Website: www.coopersquare.org

Statewide Tenant Organization
Tenants and Neighbors
Contact Info: 212-608-4320
Website: www.tenantsandneighbors.org

Tenant Net
Website: www.tenant.net