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We are a coalition of tenants living in an estimated 185 + residential buildings, owned and operated by Steven Croman, his wife, Harriet Kahan Croman, 9300 Realty and Croman Real Estate. Under constant threat of eviction, we have all struggled against systematic assaults on our basic rights as citizens and human beings to live safely and peacefully in our homes. We as Croman tenants are victims of patterns of abuse perpetuated by the Cromans and their agents.

We are committed to Stop the Cromans and to hold them accountable under the law by working in partnership with GOLES, Housing Conservation Coordinators, as well as numerous other city-wide tenant organizations and our elected officials, especially State Senator Brad Hoylman.


When a young Steve Croman started buying Chinatown tenements and displacing tenants in the mid 1990's, he was met with strong opposition from a Chinese community organization called CAAV. They were the first activist group to officially protest Croman’s invasion of their community. As Croman forayed into non- Asian communities in the Lower East Side, Little Italy and the West Village, protests accelerated and meetings moved to University Settlement.

From 2000 to 2006 several ad hoc groups met sporadically. The Stop Croman Coalition that exists today was formed when it had it’s first meeting in 2007 in the living room of Croman tenants, Cynthia and Peter Chaffee. We met regularly and, as membership expanded a larger space was needed, and the meetings were moved to GOLES.

On Bastille Day, July 14, 2007, the STOP CROMAN COALITION was born and continues to this day.

  • Expose the Cromans' lawless tactics and systematic patterns of harassment and abuse.
  • Educate tenants about their legal rights.
  • Organize and mobilize Croman tenants throughout the city.
  • Maintain a city-wide support system by networking with each other, our elected officials, tenant
    advocacy groups and other tenant coalitions and civic organizations.
  • Research information and compile data for regulatory agencies.
  • Direct tenants to the appropriate agencies and resources.
  • Assist tenants to fight back against abuse and keep their homes.
  • Spread the Word via website, internet and group meetings to other victims of abusive landlords and support them in collective action.
  • Stop the Cromans and hold them accountable by legal means in appeals to government agencies
    including the New York State Attorney General.