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Predatory Practices


       - Are you frequently without HOT WATER, HEAT, ELECTRICITY or GAS?
       - Are you being unlawfully overcharged for rent?
       - Is your apartment still rent stabilized even after renovations? Should it be?
       - Are you a rent controlled tenant that has "mysterious " montly charges?
       - Are your rent checks "lost" or not deposited by management? Are your rent statements false?
       - Are you a rent regulated tenant that is being harassed into taking a buyout?
       - Are "tenant relocators" constantly at your door?
       - Is your property manager evasive in answering your questions?
       - Is your property manager asking to take pictures of your apartment?
       - Is your building falling apart with no end in sight?
       - Is renovation work being done without permits?
       - Is your newly renovated apartment falling apart? Are the renovations code-compliant?
       - Are you being exposed to LEAD and ASBESTOS from renovation dust and debris?
       - Has your security deposit mysteriously not been returned?

       *You have no doubt answered "yes" to many of these questions. Contact info@stopcromancoalition.org for further assistance.
       In the meantime, check out the reviews of 9300 Realty / Croman Realty / Croman Real Estate on Yelp...and post your own reviews (and pictures) while you're there.

       Steven Croman is still being investigated by the NYS Attorney General for "...potentially using illegal tactics..."
       (New York Daily News - July 2014, February 2015)