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Predatory Practices


       - Are you frequently without HOT WATER, HEAT, ELECTRICITY or GAS?
       - Are you being unlawfully overcharged for rent?
       - Is your apartment still rent stabilized even after renovations? Should it be?
       - Are you a rent controlled tenant that has "mysterious " monthly charges?
       - Are your rent checks "lost" or not deposited by management? Are your rent statements false?
       - Are you a rent regulated tenant that is being harassed into taking a buyout?
       - Are "tenant relocators" constantly at your door?
       - Is your property manager evasive in answering your questions?
       - Is your property manager asking to take pictures of your apartment?
       - Is your building falling apart with no end in sight?
       - Is renovation work being done without permits?
       - Is your newly renovated apartment falling apart? Are the renovations code-compliant?
       - Are you being exposed to LEAD and ASBESTOS from renovation dust and debris?
       - Has your security deposit mysteriously not been returned?

       *You have no doubt answered "yes" to many of these questions. Contact info@stopcromancoalition.org for further assistance.
       In the meantime, check out the reviews of 9300 Realty / Croman Realty / Croman Real Estate on Yelp...and post your own reviews (and pictures) while you're there.