Helene Rajewsky


Helen's History

Helene Rajewsky was born on Jan. 14, 1926 and moved into her apartment on May 15, 1963.
During the Second World War she and her family escaped Kiev and traveled by night ......
She worked as a librarian and speaks several languages.


The Hauling Off of Helen



A real live New York Scrooge story on the Eve of the Eve of Christmas.
Just before the Christmas holidays Steve and Harriet Croman strike again.

The Cromans served Helen with eviction papers in 2012 when she was a soon-to-be 87 year old woman,
        telling her to vacate her apartment by Dec. 23, 2012.


"PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that you are hereby required to quit, vacate and
surrender possession of the premises to the landlord on or before December 23, 2012
and that upon your failure to so quit, vacate and surrender possession, the landlord will
commence appropriate proceedings to recover possession of the premises."

To read Notice of Termination (11-21-12), Click Here.

To read the Court papers click below:

Helen's Letter (4-23-08)

Helen's Letter (1-28-13)

Notice of Termination (11-21-12)

Notice of Termination - Liz Rodriguez (8-10-16)

Exhibits and Notice of Termination (8-10-16)

Affirmation in Support (8-10-16)

Affidavit in Support Liz Rodriguez (8-10-16)

Affidavit Wilson Brito (8-16-16)

Notice of Motion and Affirmation in Support Jainey Samuel (8-19-16)


In Helen's Own Words:


Here's Helen's home of 54 years (since 1963)


   He denied her the sky, the birds, and tree-tops - a view that she had looked at for years was no longer a " room with a view. "

Helen is home most of the time and eats meals at her kitchen table in front of this window,
looking out at the world. Over five years ago the window broke, and Croman's workers replaced it
with frosted glass, so she couldn't look out of her window anymore. She begged to have a clear glass
window again, but was refused.