521 East 5th St. - July 3, 2014   (Video 1)
521 East 5th St. - July 3, 2014   (Video 2)
521 East 5th St. - July 3, 2014   (Video 3)
Croman's Buildings 


521 E. 5th St.   (All Videos)    
Debris   Dust Covering Hallways and Stairs
Dust Or Fumes   People Live Here
Fumes Or Dust   Hard Hat Area
Chemical Fumes And Gas Leak   Dec. 09 Water Damage
Dust   Electrical Wiring Issues
Major Leak Throughout Building   More Dust And Toxic Fumes
Noise   Noise From Ongoing Work On Exterior
Polyurethane Applied Throughout The Building   Rec Rooms
Stop Work Order   Tarp Installed
Toxic Fumes   Wet Paint
Noise   Bed
Brick Removal   Chemical Paint Remover
Dust in Bucket   Dust or Fumes
Dusty Butt   Exterior Work
Filthy Floors   Fumes or Dust
Gas Leak   General Noise
Ground Floor Leak   May 27 Stop Work
Leak   Polyurethane Fumes
Rec Rooms 2   Tarp Exterior
Tarp Interior   Unsafe Electrical Wiring at 521
521 E. 5th St.
Apartment Flooding
697 10th Ave.
Rat in Public Hallway
724 10th Ave.
Ceiling Collapse, Bathroom Leak, Mold
420 West 51st St.
Apartment Leaks    (Video)
159 Stanton St.
Hazardous Construction
234 Mott St.
Roach Problem Nov., 2020 Video 1   (Video)
Roach Problem Nov., 2020 Video 2   (Video)
Kitchen Ceiling Breaking   (Video)
Kitchen Ceiling Breaking Part 2   (Video)
Water Leak Public Hall - Nov.15, 2016   (Video)
Water Leak Spout - Nov.15, 2016   (Video)
Water Leak in the Ceiling and Ceiling Collapse
Apartment Building Conditions
346 E. 18th St.
Dust, Dirt, and Debris in Public Hallway
Silica Dust in Public Hallway
Apartment Contaminated with Toxic Demolition Dust From Renovation in Apartment Below
Demolition Dust Invading Apartment   (Slideshow)
Kitchen Ceiling Leaks   (Video)
Bathroom Leaks
Loose Bricks Parapet Wall
Unprotected Workers Walking on Sixth Floor Ledge With Loose Bricks Underneath While Stop Work Order In Effect
Loud Parties Every Weekend
Vents Connected to Each Other With No Exit Points
Front Dwell Piled High with Garbage and Flammables
Surveillance Cameras
Construction Cracks
Water In Electrical Lights
Dangling Light Fixture From Demolition Above
Filthy Brown Water
Hazardous Fire Escape
20 Prince St.
Ceiling Leaks
Refusing Tenant's Request to Leave
Ignoring Court Order to Repair
248 Mott St.
Gut Renovations
Apartment Conditions
321 East 10 St.
Ceiling Collapse
Silica Dust
Ceiling Collapse, Bathroom Leak, Mold
309 East 8 St.
Ceiling Collapse
529 East 6 St.
Lead Dust
No Dust Containment   (Video)
Dry Scraping   (Video)
329 East 58 St.
Water Leak
Attempted Illegal Break-In
195 Stanton St.
Tenant Assaulted - August 2016
Construction 2015 - 2016
118 East 7 St.
127 East 7th St.
Toilet Problems
Broken Toilet   (Video)
Croman's Poison Pigeon Coop
117 Ave. A
Hazardous conditions; chronic leaks; no boiler, heat, or gas
186 Ave. B
Maggots   (Video)
More Maggots
628 West End Ave.
No Snow Removal
277 East 10 St.
iMouse   (Video)
Banging Pipes   (Video)
206 East 83 St.
Kitchen Leaks
334 East 100 St.
Mold, Leaks, and Damages
301 East 108 St.
Damaged Ceiling
Croman Tenant NYC
"Croman in the Rain" - May. 5, 2017    (Video)
"Croman Real Estate too Cheap to Pay for Fixes" - Oct. 18, 2012    (Video)